Hopefully all of you are settling in to your post-summer routines, enjoying the crisp sleeping weather and good meals. September is my favorite eating month. It’s the crossover time between the heat loving crops of summer and the hearty satisfying roots of fall. Meals that include potatoes and tomatoes, hot peppers and cabbage -the options are endless.

Most of our days are filled with harvest as we try to keep up with what’s coming in. Potatoes, squash and Sweet potatoes are the big crops yet to be finished amongst are the smaller ones you see each week. All of our days begin at 6am and on Tuesdays and Fridays we have a bigger crew as some of our able hourly help jumps in to cut greens, wash roots and help with the sorting and cleaning of onions, melons, etc. Here a shot our our crew this am…IMG_4545

San Marzano Roma Toms

This is the first picking of these roma tomatoes, a new addition to the share this year. Famous for their concentrated flavor and low moisture a few of these sliced into a pan with onion and olive oil is a pasta sauce in itself.

Potato Thanks

Thanks to all of you who came out to lend a hand with the potato harvest last Saturday am. We picked up about 4000 row feet of Rosegolds and Adirondack Reds which you will start seeing in your share next week after we grade and wash them.


Another round of this under appreciated mediterranean mainstay. If you missed enjoying this one last time try some of the recipes on the website. Especially the Tunisian stew with Greens and Chickpeas…

IMG_4551Monster Carrots

Carrots this week are mega big. Last week they weren’t consistent enough in size to harvest but the rain caused a growth explosion! We had a hard time getting these monsters out of the ground!

Last Round of Watermelon This Week…IMG_4552

This peace watermelon is a great variety and yes, it is supposed to be yellow in the inside.

Breeding Time Again for Sheep

If you are on the farm you may notice our various flocks here and there, some of them sporting bright swashes of red and green. Two of our ewe groups have rams in with them and the color comes from a pigment paste we apply to the rams chest. He then marks the ewe when they come together and we now know that our ram is doing his job, and by the number of marked ewes, how well…IMG_4549

What’s In Upic?

Cherry Toms

Green Beans



What’s In  The Share This Week?

Roma Tomatoes





Asian Greens


Ancho Peppers
Gold Potatoes

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